About Joe Boysa

I can still remember my mom washing the walls in a living room somewhere, I was in the middle of the room playing with my cars, watching her make her way around the room. I don’t even know if anybody’s living room walls today could be washed. The paint and texture would probably dissolve. Why most painters use such cheap useless paint today is beyond me, after all it is you, the client that pays for the paint.

And then I met Laurence. A handful of years later, I remember Laurence Roberts painting some rooms in my house and I would poke my head in, curious about what he was doing. Who knew that when I was nineteen this WWII veteran would be scolding me, “You gotta help yourself Joey!!”. He was a great painter,he was the man who taught me how to be a painter.

Born and raised in Wisconsin
Born in North Lake and living in Oconomowoc since eighteen, the lake country has been my only home. I’m having my 20 year wedding anniversary this year and have three children. My wife is a special needs teacher for the Oconomowoc school system. And just recently I have involved myself with the school system to help teach children the importance of art with Mr. Beryle the Middle schools art program teacher and friend to render a mural in downtown Oconomowoc of the high school mascot Rocky Raccoon. I’m AEC certified and keep myself current on design by taking classes in Chicago at Faux Effects International every spring.
Passion For Painting
Painting is Awesome! It’s by far the most detail oriented trade. And that’s what I love about it. There’s a primer for every substrate and a paint for every environment. And when you master the materials and tools of this trade your work becomes flawless and that’s what I offer, not quick, not cheap, but perfect work. I work by myself and can offer you stunning walls. No brush or roller marks, no variation of sheen, just seamless walls that make your home happy.